Fill in the application form and we will review it in 2 working days


Once your account is approved, you will have access to our marketing materials, banners, trackers and landing pages


We pay you commission monthly. A variety of deals, languages, marketing tools and advanced reports will help you to optimise campaigns and maximise revenue


What is an Affiliate Program?

An Affiliate Program is a partnership between Affiliate and Igaming Operator, where the Operator pays the Affiliate an agreed percentage of revenues which come from the players whom the Affiliate refers to the sites of the Operator. By promoting the Operator’s brands, the Affiliate earns money.

How do I join YoAffiliates?

You don’t need to pay anything to join our affiliate program, signing up is quick and easy. Just click on 'Register' complete the sign-up form, read through the terms and conditions and then confirm that you accept them by checking the box. Lastly, click the Submit button and your application will be reviewed
within 2 working days.


Can I join the YoAffiliates Program offline?

If you don’t have a website, but have other sources of traffic, such as social media groups, offline sources, Twitch/YouTube channels or similar, please send us your business proposal at and we would be happy to discuss any new potential business opportunity.


Can I promote different brands of YoAffiliates Program?

Yes, we encourage you to promote all our brands.


How do you track conversions from my affiliate website?

When a player clicks on one of our banners/links from your website/other source of traffic then your unique affiliate tracking code is placed into a file called a “cookie”. When the player goes on to join and uses the service (places a bet) our system recognises the code and assigns that player to your affiliate account. You subsequently earn a percentage of the revenue that player generates.


How is my commission being calculated?
We calculate your commission based on the deal you have. As a default, you will have the Revenue Share Commission ladder deal which can be found here Commissions. Your earnings will depend on the amount of Net Revenue generated monthly: the higher the revenue, the higher the percentage of commission will be. Alternatively, you can request a different deal by contacting us on; based on your traffic sources and expected outcome, we can take other rewarding models into consideration.


Do you offer sub-affiliation?

YoAffiliates offers you a great opportunity to make extra earnings by referring other affiliates to us. We will provide you with a sub affiliate link, and once a new affiliate signs up with us through your link, you will receive an additional 10% on the Net Revenue they make.


How will I track my performance?
From your ‘Affiliate Account’ you will have access to reports and statistics to monitor your account’s performance.


How often are the account statistics updated?
The affiliate programme statistics are updated once a day for the previous day. Clicks are instant, the other KPIs will be able to view the following day.


Do you carry over negative balances?

We do not carry over negative balance. If your revenue of this month is negative, next month you start with zero balance.


How long will I be paid for a player?
As long as the players you referred keep on playing and as long as you actively promote our brands as per our Terms and Conditions, you will keep on receiving commission from the revenue generated by your players.


How do I get paid?
When you fill in the application form you will be asked to choose a preferred payment method. Currently, we offer; Skrill, Neteller and Bank wire transfer, should you prefer a different payment method, please fill in the form under
'Other'; and we will get back to you regarding its availability.


When will I receive my commission?

We aim to pay affiliate commission by the 15th of the following month. Times can vary depending on your payment method and location. The minimum commission paid per month is €100.